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Intro to RCT - Relationship Centered Training DVD


Intro to RCT - Relationship Centered Training DVD


“Is it me? Is it my dog? Or both?” Understanding your relationship with your dog is fundamental to effective & humane training. This 1/2 day seminar provides an introduction to Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training (RCT) philosophy and techniques.

RCT sees the relationship through the lens of 3 core concepts and 9 keys: 

Connection: Heartfelt, Awareness, Respect
Commitment: Attention, Responsibility, Trust
Communication: Information, Feedback, Consequences

RCT recognizes every relationship is unique. Knowing your specific challenges and strengths helps you choose appropriate solutions or techniques. A struggle with Communication, for example, requires a different approach than issues of Commitment.

This video is for anyone seeking new perspectives on life shared with dogs, anyone who wants deeper understanding. RCT puts the relationship at the center of all you do with your dog. And that can change everything.

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